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    Walk-ins are always welcomed at megaSun, You never need an appointment for any tanning bed, booth or our VersaSpa spray booth.

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  • What Our Clients Say

  • 5.0 star rating 10/23/2016 Just like the reviews said, Charles is the MAN! It was my first time ever UV tanning today and he took a good amount of time taking me step-by-step through the prices and the different beds. We bith have Irish skin, so he knew exactly what to recommend. I got the 5 session package to start to see if I like it before getting an entire month. I got the UV bed with the vitamin D lamps in it for my eczema and it felt amazing! My feckles popped out almost immediately! If youre a first timer, I highly recommend Megasun. The other reviews don't lie! UPDATE 11/12/16: Both front desk people are so sweet and remember me every time I go in! The tanning experience is one-of-a-kind, but even if it wasn't, I would probably still go back just for the employees!

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  • 5.0 star rating 6/21/2016 I set an appointment for a spray tan in Bryn Mawr four days in advance. When I got to the Bryn Mawr Location ( a different salon), I was told that "we don't have a dark shade for you!" ( I'm African American by the way!) I had a 12:00pm appointment, arrived at 11:45am and was not told that they "could not serve me" until 12:15pm. I was livid. I then got in my car and called the next closest location. I called Megasun Tanning and I had the friendliest, most helpful lady on the phone! She said "I don't think they're allowed to say that!" when I told her my story. The first question I asked her was "does your salon service or cater to African Americans?" She said "absolutely, we do!!!" When I arrived, she apologized on behalf of the other salon ( which will remain nameless in this review), and said "we have options for EVERYONE!" She gave me instrutions on the spray tan and told me that I looked "great" when I was done. I could see the different automatically. I am SO happy I wasn't treated as if we're back in Jim Crow days! The staff was wonderful! We laughed, we joked, and my day was made great...and my plans were not ruined!!! And guess what? I saved money by leaving and going to MegaSun\ anyway! Their prices are cheaper! HA! -Jenn

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  • 5.0 star rating 5/23/2016 I recently came here for a spray tan and was very happy with my experience. The owner was extremely helpful with helping me decide the level based on what I was looking for. The room was clean and private which made me very comfortable. Before beginning my spray tan I was given great instructions and best practice for keeping my spray tan for the longest period of time possible. I was very happy with my results and will definitely be back!

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